Can we make life insurance “trend?”

At Maddock Douglas, we have evidence that suggests the very thing we think might repel people from talking with us may actually attract their attention. It′s time to test this theory. Please join in the fun!

Simple instructions:
  • Order a copy of the book cover using the form below


  • Incorporate the book cover in a picture while on an airplane or in any other public place

  • Post to social media using @maddockdouglas

  • You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Combine with your favorite additional hashtags
    These are important because we want to see which one “trends” the highest.

The team at Maddock Douglas will select the Most Creative Post(s) throughout the year.

  • Winning posts will be shared on our social media pages
  • Winners will receive a $50 Amazon gift card

Additionally, this year one winner will receive the opportunity to host a Leadership Luncheon with Maria Ferrante-Schepis and Mike Maddock, co-authors of “Flirting With The Uninterested — Innovating In A ‘Sold, Not Bought’ Industry.”

  • Invite up to 10 of your company’s leaders for a discussion about the innovation challenges within your company and ways to overcome them
  • Mike and Maria will cover their costs for travel, meeting and lunch with your group
  • Autographed copies of “Flirting With the Uninterested — Innovating in a ‘Sold, Not Bought’ Category” will be provided